Ask Me About My Llama Tshirt

Ask Me About My Llama Tshirt

Have You Ever Slapped a Llama?

First of all, no one should slap llamas. So please don’t slap llamas.

If you’ve ever found yourself faced with almost slapping a llama, there was probably an incident where a rogue llama acted a little weirdly toward you, and for a tiny moment you thought someone might have been watching, and you didn’t want to look like that llama’s bitch, so you nearly slapped it – like you would a person who was acting like ….. well….. a llama.

On the other hand, wearing this tshirt could protect you from people who do actually want to slap you.

You don’t even (really) need a six pack to wear this shirt – but if you do have one ….. that just makes it all the more better.

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