Scrote n Tote Back Pack

Scrote n Tote Back Pack

Ball Sack Back Pack

Drop EVERYTHING…. (See what I did there?)

The #randomgiftoftheweek goes to the Scrote’n’Tote or as I like to call it, the #SackOfJoy which has overwhelmingly been voted high on the DWTF-scale in the office this week, surprisingly though, it under-whelmingly was unable to hit its IndieGoGo Crowdfunding campaign – but all that says is that small-time investors do NOT know how to invest in hairy, ball sacks.

Speaking of ballsacks….
I went to a party once, a couple of years back & met a British guy whose last name was ‘Balzac’…. I’m sure there was a lot lost in translation or too many Illusions were ingested but I do recall he scratched his face a lot and he smelled like – you guessed it…. arse. Seriously though, if I knew him today, he would be the random recipient of this beautiful & extremely realistic Scrote’n’Tote.

Don’t ask me where to get it because it isn’t available to purchase, even though the interweb says it once was.
Cheers to balls though!
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