I don’t care who you think you are – but you need to have these socks. They are cute and funny and look awesome with shorts or a shirt or both – stop what you are doing and imagine yourself in these socks right now!

If you are a Mama Hen – then you need this Mama Hen shirt.

Why wouldn’t you want to wear this chicken mask at your next parent teacher night?

This tshirt is what happens when cute vomits on your chest.

Do your friends a favor and throw a chicken party and dress up this like ridiculous fabulous chicken. Fart your self stupid all night becauseĀ  no one would know, except you!

People wouldn’t have to ask if you liked chickens with these bad boys hanging from your ears!

This gives more meaning to the term ‘Cage fighting’, which has never been more fun than cage fighting in this chicken costume.

Show the world how much you truly love chickens by flipping around the beach in these fabulous flip flops.

Sit down and stand back up again – coz these chicken leggings will get you ‘laid’ no doubt about it….. see what we did there!

Brighten someone’s day at work with this chicken hat – not only would it keep your head warm, but you’d actually be able to feel what it was like to be sat on and hatched by a hen.

Reserve your spot in your driveway with this awesome Crazy Chicken lady sign – it your fambam didn’t realise you were crazy beforehand, then this sign will give them the heads up!

Your single girlfriends ovaries will ache when your kid rocks into a party or to an easter parade wearing this bad boy!

These super cute studs would make any little girl’s heart melt when she got these from the easter bunny… so cute!

Cast your minds back to Point Break when Patrick Swayze robbed a bank in a President of the United States mask. I don’t recommend robbing a bank in this mask, but it would do the job.

PS – if you haven’t seen Point Break, come out from under your rock and watch it. Shame on you.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this wee coin purse. So darn CUTE!

The 2 greatest things in life: wine and chicken love!

Mama Hen’s UNITE! How cute are these tiny little chicken shoes for your own chicks?

Forget #fidgetspinners – These anxiety-saving Egg-popping chickens are sensational!

Now this is true innovation. An egg-collecting apron. Genius!

Every chicken lover needs a phone case, right? Especially one with chickens on it. #loudnproud

“I’m Chicken in the Rain, just Chicken in the Rain”!

Shut Up and take my money already! This Chicken Hand bag is Superb!

Nothing says I’m a ‘chickhead’ more than this Chicken Hoodie does – or what we like to call a Choodie!

Who needs stickmen decals when you have a Chicken Family decal!

It’s the subtleties that impress the #womens – like these finger-lickin’ good cufflinks!

Zen out with this awesome adult colouring book!

“Poignant and Illuminating” – that’s exactly what a movie about Chicken People should be described as!

Such little effort required, and such a big impact – this rubber chicken costume says it all.

Everyone can enjoy Tuesday Night ‘Ribs n Wings Night’ now.